History of ILMC

Iron Legion MC LLC was founded in 2009 in the United States to promote motorcycle driving and fraternity among police departments and their supporters.

The club was formed as a motorcycle club and not as a charity; however, the club supports law enforcement and their families.

Iron Legion MC LLC is not a “1%” motorcycle club and will never associate with any and (or) similar clubs or associations and their supporters.

The club is careful not to interact with or associate with any other motorcycle club or any other entity that does not have the same organizational and professional goals and standards.

Members support each other and each other’s families.

Iron Legion MC is a non-territorial club and carries the lower patch to easily identify where a chapter exists.

Iron Legion MC is not a support club, nor a surrogate to any other motorcycle club or organization.

Iron Legion MC supports laws and regulations.

Iron Legion MC is a men’s club and does not discriminate against any race, or religion, and accept individuals who are simply alike.