After 3 long years and lots of money, The Iron Legion LEMC has finally dealt a final blow to the fake Chapters in Italy and France concerning our Clubs Trademark. As some of you know, Italy and France filed a fraudulent Trademark in Europe and tried to take over and destroy this great Club. The courts put them in their place. Italy and France are no more. Anyone wearing this great Patch with a France or Italy rocker are NOT MEMBERS of The Iron Legion LEMC. They have been instructed by the European Courts to disband and to pay all financial hardships endured by the Original and only Iron Legion LEMC. These two countries destroyed this Club in Europe with harassment and lies but we will recover. Our Brothers in Sweden stuck with us through this ordeal and today we all celebrate. Do NOT recognize any person wearing our Colors that fly an Italian or French bottom rocker. They are frauds. We will rebuild and be stronger than ever. And finally, this middle finger is for you fraudulent pieces of shit. Fly The Fucking Dawg!!!

National President Nomads

To read about the court decision click here.